Our Team



The  Dickson Law Firm was founded by Andy Dickson. Andy is licensed to  practice law in Missouri, Kansas, and Indiana. Prior to opening the  firm, Andy practiced law for well over a decade gaining the experience  that will help you win your case. Andy is a member of the Missouri Bar  Association, the Kansas Bar Association, the Kansas City Bar  Association, and the Platte County Bar Association. 

Andy  Dickson is no stranger to hard work. He put himself through college and  then law school working several industrial type jobs. During and after  high school, Andy worked paving and sealcoating for an asphalt paving  company. Throughout college, he worked at Illinois Tool Works (ITW) in a  steel strapping factory. Andy has worked as a contractor in  numerous power plants, steel mills, auto assembly plants, fiberglass  plants, food processing plants and other factories. Andy is a proud  former member of the Sheet Metal Worker's Union. 

Andy's  education focused on worker safety. He received his undergraduate  degree in Occupational Safety from Indiana University. He understands  that many employers are willing to take short cuts to put profit ahead  of worker safety.   

​When Andy is not helping his  clients, he spends his free time with his wife and three small children.  Andy enjoys classic cars and vintage motorcycles. During the weekends,  he can usually be found at a local car show with his family.

Andy  will sit down with you and take the time to understand your case.  We always offers free consultations. For Workers' Compensation and  Personal Injury cases, we take a percentage from what we recover for  you. You pay nothing unless and until we win your case. For criminal  cases, we give you an upfront and reasonable fee quote. Call today for  your Free Consultation: (816) 914-9478.



Rich  Wiles has been practicing law in the field of Workers' Compensation  since 2009. Prior to working for Andy at the Dickson Law Firm, he worked  for the Missouri Attorney General's Office in their Labor Division  focused on Workers' Compensation. This experience means Rich understands  the law and what it means for your case.

Rich is licensed to practice law in Missouri​ and Kansas